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You already know how important your website is to your company. In fact, it may be the most important marketing tool at your disposal. Consumers do most of their research online before making a purchase decision, so it is essential that your website is up-to-date and functioning well enough to bring in visitors. Unfortunately, higher ups in your company may not see the value in an up-to-date website. Your website is outdated and desperately needs an update to continue attracting visitors and converting them to leads, but it seems impossible to convince your CEO that any change is necessary. What is going on here? What do CEO’s have against strong internet marketing?

The Case Against Internet Marketers

Unfortunately, the answer lies in bad experiences of the past. Web redesigns did not always go as well as promised in the earlier days of the Internet. Too often, more emphasis was placed on getting a page to the top of the search engines than on sharing valuable information to those who were searching for it. The Internet Marketers who were in charge of website overhauls engaged in a race against the machines, constantly trying new methods of tricking search engines into putting your website at the top. So you get a new website that is guaranteed to land at the top of Google – great! Until a few months later, when Google changes its search algorithm and you are back where you started, but now with less money in your pocket.

In addition to the frustrating loop of having to reinvent your website every few months in order to stay at the top, website refreshes were done on a project basis. They took months to complete and were costly. This meant a surprise expense every couple of months when your website became obsolete. How frustrating!

All of this came on top of the wide-spread idea that Internet Marketers are just plain untrustworthy. Imagine your CEO, frustrated from the long drawn-out process of refreshing your website, asking a marketer for concrete information proving that the process was worth it. How much money are you making off of your brand new website? More often than not, the response would be full of jargon and excuses that basically amounted to “we can’t measure that.”

Altogether, Internet Marketing has earned itself a bad name. Your CEO may be jaded by one too many experiences with marketers who hide behind unmeasurable variables and build websites on a shaky foundation of guesswork and tricks. This doesn’t instill a lot of confidence that a refresh will ever truly be worth it.

Where Do I Go From Here?

So what comes next? You know that a new website is the only way that you can keep up with your competitors, but you also know that your CEO feels that the process will be frustrating and unhelpful, not to mention expensive. We do have good news! The process of refreshing a website has changed drastically over the years. The process flows much faster, relies more on sharing information than on tricking search engines, and utilizing Software as a Service rather than paying for large projects every few months. Download our free ebook to see what has changed and what you can do to convince an uncertain CEO that the time has come for an update!