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Company websites need a blog – even the small ones

The “Golden Age” of blogs may have passed, but that simply means that a novel form of online communication – the individually-voiced personal blog – got a great deal of attention for a little while and now gets somewhat less. The concept of the blog continues to be fundamentally transformative for the way companies communicate with their customers. In fact, we’d go so far as to argue that your company needs a company blog. They need it even if you have a small company – in fact, you need it MORE if you are small.

There are a number of reasons why you need a blog, dozens in fact – but here are four of the top ones.

Blogs Draw Your Company Together

A company website blog – particularly one which draws from the contributions of many team members from across all departments – helps develop a sense of ‘us’ that is invaluable, and difficult to acquire, for a business enterprise.

Blogs Put You Closer To Your Customers

Your customers and clients have always been at a certain distance from your organization. Whether the distance is emotional or physical, it’s dubious that many felt a strong personal connection to the company. Blogs change that – when people read the individual voices of your employees talking about things that are important to the customer, they start identifying and closing that empathy gap.

Blogging Increases Knowledge

In the old days, the engineering department would put together a project idea and the marketing people would figure out how to sell it; nobody asked the customers much. With blogs detailing your company’s initiatives and ideas, suddenly the creators are subjected to the criticisms – sometimes nutty, sometimes highly cogent – of the mob. They have to defend their ideas against a much wider range of criticisms, and they receive a much wider range of suggestions. This is not a purely unmixed blessing – but on balance your teams will be sharper and far better prepared with a comprehensive knowledge of what they’re talking about.

Blogs Produce Constant Content Streams Which Build Credibility

When your company website is publishing article after article about the facts and figures behind your products, or talking about the best practices for using their services, it is also producing a stream of credibility that goes right to your bottom line. When consumers look for a widget, they are much less likely to look at the bare-bones widget sites if they have the option of going to an encyclopedic font of widget knowledge. Your blog provides a low-cost, low-problem method to encourage your company to produce value for the consumers, and that kind of production always pays off.

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