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Does the mention of a website redesign make you break out into a cold sweat? Does it bring up bad memories of your last update? You know the one. That time when you paid a huge upfront fee and spent months on the new site…only to learn a few months later that your site was already outdated? While updating your site is a must, following this old process doesn’t have to be. Imagine a partner that will help you rework your website sans huge project fees. Not to mention your site will stay up-to-date for years to come.

How can I eliminate upfront fees?

In the traditional model of website design, each upgrade is treated as a separate project. You pay a marketer and they go through the steps to create a website that meets the current standards. Once the project is complete, your website is left to its own devices until a it needs an upgrade. This meant big costs that were often difficult to predict; how can you know when a site is about to become obsolete? More importantly, why treat a website like a one-time project when you know that’s not the case?

Many agencies are shifting from a project-by-project system to a retainer model. With this new system, a marketing agency would take over the care of your website for a monthly fee. Think of it as a gym membership. You pay every month to help you get closer to achieving your goals. The retainer model is predictable and much easier to budget. Meaning you’ll know how much to allocate for marketing and there will be no unpleasant surprises!

So it’s cheaper, but what makes it future-proof?

Okay, so it’s easier to budget. But what about that frustrating cycle of going through a massive update only to have it become obsolete soon after? Well, what do you think you’re paying an agency for? The retainer model ensures that someone is always paying attention to your website. Updates will come as needed, rather than all at once after months of neglect. Your website will always be up-to-date, and updates won’t be disruptive or frustrating. No matter how unpredictable the internet becomes, your agency will be there to keep your website up and attracting visitors.

Build a website that will grow with your business. Growth-Driven Design allows you to keep your website up-to-date and ready to grow. Do you think your website could benefit from a coat of fresh paint? Share your idea with your team. Reach out to us below to get started!

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