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Did you know that one-third of all activity online consists of people watching videos? Companies that are using video grow their revenue almost twice as fast as those who are not. Social video gets 1200 percent more shares than posts with text and images alone. In other words, video is where the money is. If you’re looking for smart, practical ways to integrate video into your marketing strategy, here are a few video marketing tips to get started.


If you’re not convinced that internet users love a good tutorial, take a look at the rise of BuzzFeed’s channels Tasty and Proper Tasty. Whipping up simple recipes in short, social-friendly videos, more than 190 million video views were racked up in just a month.

Among the top 10 most watched Facebook publishers from August 2017 are craft how-tos and a quirky company that shows how to repurpose things like old t-shirts.

Your products and services might not seem as exciting or as broadly appealing as food and crafts, but the message is clear: people–including your target market–have an appetite for how-to videos. Use tutorials on your product pages and share them on social media to get the most exposure.


88 percent of consumers trust an online review as much as a recommendation from a friend, and 72 percent say a positive testimonial makes them trust a business more.

When you combine the power of a testimonial with the relaxed and comfortable delivery method that video provides your customers, you’ll see the results in your conversion rates. Rather than having a few text snippets featured on your pages, use video testimonials and product reviews to draw in visitors and start building relationships.

Webinars and Live Events

Whether you use a platform like Periscope to broadcast live video, use Facebook’s live feature, or record information before sending it out, connecting with your audience on a wide variety of topics is easier than ever when you incorporate video.

Use live events to host Q&A sessions, showcase a grand opening, or live-stream in-person events such as convention speakers and other presentations. When being live isn’t critical to the video, you can pre-record interviews, create a vlog, do a plant tour or highlight important staff members who may not otherwise be client-facing.

The key to finding success with webinars and live events is to match them up with the right audience. You might not get as much traction with fresh prospects as you would with qualified leads so consider distributing on social channels and as part of a drip campaign.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

As with all aspects of content marketing, getting the most out of your assets is the only way to get the most from your budget. When creating videos, it’s not always necessary to have topics and content that is entirely separate from your written pieces.

Instead, use video to complement your blogs and social feeds so they are all working together to create a holistic approach to attracting and converting more visitors. That way, you can leverage the strengths of each type of content to get the best results.

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