What if I told you that there was a non-Facebook, non-Twitter social network that gets one billion unique visitors per month? On top of that, those users spend a combined six billion hours per month on the site, 40 percent of which comes on mobile devices. Oh, and it reaches more members of the prime 18-to-34 demographic than any cable television channel, per Nielsen. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Think again. The numbers above all come from YouTube’s statistics page, where you can find a variety of other data that tells the same story. Video content is already big, it’s still on the upswing, and its reach stretches far beyond even the massively popular YouTube. Recent studies show that 73 percent of purchasers are influenced by video. Put simply, it’s an opportunity your company can’t afford to miss.

The Perfect Storm of Video Popularity

Technology is the key catalyst of the video popularity boom. Anyone with a smartphone and some free time can produce a video, these days. The widespread availability of high-speed internet makes instant streaming possible, and the prevalence of connected mobile devices allows people to watch wherever they go.

Popular social channels like Facebook and Twitter have made it easier to embed and share video content. YouTube continues to chug along on a seemingly endless growth trajectory. Cameras and production software are more affordable than ever.

All of these factors add up to make video a very popular format, and a powerful marketing tool. The trick, as it is with any type of content marketing, is producing video that adds real value for your potential purchasers.

Why Video Will Work for You

Video offers a host of new ways to connect with and market to your customers. Purchasers are influenced by video in part because it allows them to connect on a deeper level by engaging more of the five senses. Use it to advertise, share advice, or introduce purchasers to key employees. The potential of video is limited only by your imagination.

  • Appeal to potential customers by presenting your brand in a new light. That may simply mean getting key company members in front of a camera for a chat about topics related to your industry, or trying something creative and off the beaten path.
  • Video allows customers to pick up on mannerisms, tone of voice, emotion, humor, and so much more that’s simply not possible with less robust forms of media. They’ll begin to feel like they know you, even if you’ve never met.
  • Video content is also a great way to do traditional advertising. Customers are open to this type of advertising because they are familiar with it from years of watching commercials on television. It’s a less intrusive way to advertise digitally than zany-flailing-used-car-lot-balloon-creature stuff like pop-ups and flashy banner ads.
  • Want to get your content shared? Think video. Web users love to share video content that’s catchy, funny, valuable, or even just downright weird. Video is easy to consume and even easier to share, making it the perfect content for our viral world.

A Modern Solution to an Age-Old Challenge

Purchasers have always been motivated primarily by the dominant forms of media in a given age. The modern purchaser, though, has access to more media options than ever before. Video content transcends that clutter thanks to its versatility, fitting seamlessly into the many constantly evolving platforms that make up modern media.

  • Just about every website you visit will feature video in some form. It may be an ad in the sidebar of the page, a supplement to text-based content, or as the marquee attraction. So video content is an expected, unobtrusive part of digital life.
  • Video is also versatile in its application. Use it for everything from driving hype around a new product to gently guiding current customers along the sales cycle. It’s one thing to read a description of an important product or service, and quite another to see it in action.
  • Accessibility is a key concept in the digital world. Putting your content in video form allows visual learners and purchasers with accessibility challenges to consume it in an enjoyable, efficient way that suits their needs.

It’s no surprise that video remains an extremely popular medium in the digital age. We humans have loved video almost from the moment it existed, packing theaters since the days of silent films. It’s distributed and consumed in different ways now, but video is still a cultural institution. Take advantage of that popularity by using video to influence your purchasers, and boost your company’s revenue.

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