The business world is constantly evolving to keep pace with digital advancements. Today, businesses of all sizes need more than Excel spreadsheets and basic email capabilities to keep track of leads and customer journeys. HubSpot’s free, user-friendly CRM and Sales tools give businesses the ability to grow a sustainable customer base over time. Consider this value-added service as a way to maximize your digital marketing efforts.

The Purpose of CRM and Sales Tools

Data drives business. In the past, businesses exclusively relied on savvy sales teams to create their own individual and team processes for sales and account management. They relied on shared spreadsheets, mile-long email chains, and time-consuming meetings to manage information. The process was messy and often left prospective customers feeling underappreciated. When people only hold part of the equation, they can only do so much to further the customer’s journey.

Data-driven sales and CRM tools change that antiquated marketing model. Instead of relying on networking, handwritten notes, and individual experiences, everyone involved in the sales cycle can use digital tools to crowdsource information and deliver a seamless customer experience. Whether a prospective customer talks to the same account representative in each communication or with a new person every call, these tools deliver information in a user-friendly format. The tools also give sales teams the ability to run reports and optimize their sales processes along the way.

Free tools such as HubSpot Sales Free will not close the deal for a sales representative, but they can streamline the process for personalized, more effective communication. If your business hasn’t considered the benefits of rolling out these tools, consider the primary features that can save your business time and contribute to the bottom line.

Great Features from HubSpot’s Free CRM

CRM (customer relationship management) systems go beyond contact lists to give companies access to a prospect’s current contact and job information as well as details about the latest communications. Businesses that use HubSpot’s free CRM system receive access to:

1. A robust contact management system. Any business can use the free CRM tool for up to 1,000,000 contacts and users. Storage never expires, and the system will fill in background data for many contacts and companies, including industry categorization, descriptions, revenue, and the year the business started. Manually log or import contacts to start tracking relationships.

Company-profile. Jpg

Sort through these detailed profiles with visible interaction timelines to learn more about the current sales relationship.

Activity-timeline. Jpg

2. A multifaceted communication system. Track emails, log calls, set tasks, and book meetings through your email or the HubSpot CRM application on a desktop or mobile device. The system automatically logs emails, but users can also record phone calls and take notes during the call for fast access later. Explore the contact’s timeline to retrace interactions and personalize future communications.

Call-log. Jpg

3. Deals and task management information capabilities. Record personal and team workflow tasks to keep up the momentum. Keep track of and view deals in a table or board view to identify warm leads, qualification information, and closings. With such a straightforward presentation, managers and sales team members can focus on value-added activities every day.

Table-view. Jpg

Board-view. Jpg

4. Seamless integration. HubSpot CRM integrates with Gmail and G Suite as well as Outlook and Office 365 applications to encourage users to use the CRM for activity management. Never miss a quick email or appointment again with in-window toolbars designed for user-friendliness.

Integration-capabilties. Jpg

5. Sales team data information capabilities. The CRM connects with HubSpot’s free sales tool to drill down into forecast overviews, team productivity information, and overall sales pipeline information. This feature gives everyone a transparent view of sales activities for motivation and accountability.

Deal-forecast-overview. Jpg

Productivity-and-pipeline. Jpg

Top Features from HubSpot Sales

While many of the CRM and sales tool features deliver combined insights, the sales tool offers additional functionality business owners can use to get ahead, including:

1. Helpful website insights. Instead of reaching out to cold prospects, HubSpot Sales “Prospects” feature gives companies the ability to drill down into website visits to find interested leads. Identify the companies visiting your website and which pages they visit.

Comapnies-visiting-site. Jpg

2. Real-time chat logging. A messaging feature gives users the ability to engage with users during a website visit. If a prospect responds to the chat, the CRM system will log the discussion in a prospect’s activity timeline.

Chate-demo. Jpg

3. A better template system. HubSpot’s email templates go beyond email automation. Built-in tracking features allow sales professionals to recognize email success and track its success. Identify the most engaged prospects and the most effective templates.

Email-template. Jpg

4. Document storage and sharing. Upload, share, and measure the performance of PDFs, PowerPoint files, and other documents from the HubSpot sales interface. Receive notifications when prospects interact with a specific piece of content. The free version gives companies access to 5 documents, whereas a professional account supports 1000 documents.

Document-performance-page. Jpg

5. Streamlined meeting scheduling. Use scheduling features to avoid back-and-forth scheduling obstacles. Add a meetings link in emails, your signature, or a template through HubSpot’s sales tool. Your prospect can click on it to see your availability and confirm a time and date.

Calendar-confirmation. Jpg

Try HubSpot Sales Training for Enhanced Results

In addition to these useful features, HubSpot helps its users learn new inbound marketing skills through its inbound sales certification program. Use the program to discover inbound marketing tactics you can use to maximize sales activities.

Each of HubSpot’s offerings builds on another to give users an advantage in an increasingly competitive digital environment. HubSpot is a value-added service that can enhance any sales strategy as well as deal closing rates. As a HubSpot Platinum certified agency partner, we encourage all our clients to take advantage of the free and premium capabilities available through HubSpot. Streamline the sales process and grow your business starting today. Contact the New Perspective team today for a personalized HubSpot demo.