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If you’ve ever looked at Facebook Insight reporting before, you probably did what everyone does the first time they see it: You stared at it like a dog watching TV.  It’s weird, overly complicated, duplicative, conflicting, and incredibly important to understanding what works in your social media presence and what doesn’t.

Facebook Insights offers webmasters and social media managers a reliable all-in-one solution for measuring social ROI—but at first it was convoluted. Facebook recently overhauled Insights to make it more robust and detailed while at the same time making the data more transparent and user-friendly. Facebook Insights puts your social media results at your fingertips. You just need to know how to read them.

The new version of Facebook Insights includes:

  • Overview
  • Benchmarking
  • Audience Behavior
  • Audience Demographics
  • When Your Fans Are Online
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Page and Tab Visits

Here, we’ll examine the data you’ll see and how it helps you better understand your social media presence.

Facebooks insights - overview panel


The first things you’ll see in Insights are graphs depicting your company page’s growth in terms of likes. You’ll also notice figures for post reach and user engagement. The most recent posts are found at the bottom of the screen.


An engaged user is anyone who likes, comments, or shares a post. Insights shows engagement including post clicks, comments, likes, and shares, including “stealth clicks” that don’t result in traffic.


The page tab is made up of metrics that include page likes, post reach, and page visits. It also consists of a date slider where you can analyze data between two specific dates. This will help your company compare its social ROI on certain dates, perhaps when you’re running a specific marketing campaign.

Page Likes

This section consists of three graphs that show your total page likes, net likes, and where the likes originate from. These graphs help you understand the trending growth of your page and where the growth is coming from, which is invaluable for optimizing your marketing efforts.

Post Reach

This metric allows you to compare the number of people who saw your posts, likes, comments, shares, unlikes, complaints, and hides, so you can easily calculate your page’s total reach.

Post reach - facebook insights

Page Visits

. This metric allows you to evaluate how users interact with your page. You can see which tabs users visit on your page, posts by other people, check-ins, sales (if applicable), and origin of the traffic. Again, this will help you paint a clear picture of where users are coming from, what they’re doing on your Facebook page, and which elements are providing the best ROI for your efforts.

Page and tab visits - facebook insights

All Posts

The posts tab is divided into several sections, showing all posts, when your fans are online, and the best post types. You can select different reach and engagement metrics and filter by total reach, organic versus paid, and fans versus non-fans.

When Your Fans Are Online

.  This is a completely new metric and completely welcomed by marketers everywhere! This incredibly valuable metric lets you determine how many of your fans were online each day over the past week, as well as the average number of fans that saw your posts each hour.

When your fans are online

Best Post Types

. This is a feature that marketers have been requesting for a long time now. It allows you to quickly determine which of your post types generates the highest reach and engagement. But be careful about how your react to this information. Images might generate the highest reach, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should ONLY be posting images to your company’s Facebook page.

Your Facebook Fans

. You’ll notice the people tab is broken into different sections consisting of your fans, people reached, and people engaged. This is a simple, self-explanatory indication of the demographics of your fans—who they are.

People Reached/Engaged

Again, really simple to analyze: The people reached and people engaged tabs break down your audience by gender, age, geography, and language spoken. This helps you understand who is seeing your page content. If you find your page is reaching the wrong people, you might need to reconsider your marketing campaign.

Reach & engagement - facebook insights

Gone are the days of simply posting things on social media and forgetting them. Today, you need to keep a close watch on who’s saying and doing what, and where and how.  Actionable Analytics like Facebook Insights help you do that, and they’re among our specialties here at New Perspective. Call today to find out how we can help you make them work for your business.