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With web visitors growing increasingly weary of content like “Top N Ways to X” and “You Won’t Believe ____”, finding ways to remain credible and interesting to your audience can be a challenge. How do you maintain authoritative, useful content without losing your audience to boredom? Below are four of our favorite content creation tools to keep your content fresh and enticing.

Our Favorite Content Creation Tools

Make sure that your headlines are eye-catching.

It doesn’t matter what you say in your article if readers aren’t enticed to read it. Make your headlines compelling by being just a little audacious, challenging the reader to disagree with your premise. Taking a negative approach can also work, such as “How not to ace a job interview.” Readers want to come away from your post having learned something. Try using words like “how, when, why and what” in your titles. Portent’s Title Maker tool is a great guide to this.

Use a creative template.

If you’ve got to get a post written and you’ve totally run out of ideas, this title-creating template from Hubspot can help you get back on track. It features 74 titles that can be tailored to fit most any topic, such as “How to Rock _____” or “Things Your ___ Doesn’t Tell You.”

Add strength to your posts with “Power Words.”

Another useful tool when looking for content ideas is to use this tool from They offer nearly 200 powerful words to add authority to your posts, words like “willpower,” “genuine,” and “unparalleled.”

Enlist the “Content Strategy Helper” tool. offers yet another good tool for coming up with winning content ideas. This tool instantly pulls up both UK and US existing posts that are relevant to your idea, so you can craft something that hasn’t been covered repeatedly already.

A Chore, It Need Not Be.

Finding interesting content ideas that will keep your readers enthralled and returning again and again doesn’t have to be a chore. Come up with a fascinating title and idea by taking advantage of some of the great tools all around the web. No one ever said that you have to create every good idea yourself.