People visit search engines to find things quickly. This is an unavoidable fact of digital life. Nobody makes it to the seventeenth page of Google results when they’re looking for somewhere to eat in an unfamiliar town, or looking for just about anything else, for that matter. The deep, unfamiliar depths of search engine results are mostly there for scholars and very curious researchers.

You only venture that far into the abyss if you’re looking to find something very specific and niche-related. Most people are really just looking for the most convenient answer. Sure, you’ve also got to address their needs, but you’ll never get the chance if you don’t land high in search rankings. If you’re still on the fence about SEO value, it’s time to consider what a higher search ranking can really do for your bottom line.

The Real Deal: SEO Value, Applications, and Misconceptions

SEO holds a special place among digital marketing tactics. You wouldn’t know it from the sway Google holds today, but forward thinking marketers were practicing SEO before Google even existed. So there has been plenty of time for SEO to grow and evolve. Of course, there’s also been more than enough time for some stubborn misconceptions about SEO to develop. The best way to understand the value of SEO is to take a look at both sides of the coin, starting with what SEO is not.

  • SEO is not a gimmick. In the early days, some less-than-stellar SEO practitioners put gaming the search algorithms ahead of important stuff like, you know, providing legible content for site visitors. Those days are long gone.
  • That means you don’t have to worry about SEO turning your site into a keyword bonanza, or having to manage a bunch of landing pages that don’t actually lead anywhere.
  • These days, SEO practitioners and search operators are mostly working with the same goal in mind. Search engine operators want to provide users with the most valuable results, and SEO is a way for marketers to elevate excellent content to that place of prominence.

Much of modern SEO takes place “under the hood,” so to speak. When it’s done well, you’re website visitors won’t even notice your SEO. Keywords and linking still matter, but in a more subtle way. You can get better results with a few well-placed keywords than you ever could by flooding a page with “popular” search terms, and modern SEO value reaches far beyond the basic goal of a high search ranking.

  • If you aren’t using SEO to increase your brand’s visibility, you’re working from a disadvantage. It’s not just for big businesses. Any small business with a serious marketing plan will be competing for the same space. Why give the competition that advantage?
  • The key to SEO value is, of course, traffic to your website. That’s where everything starts, after all. The greatest, most useful website in the world is of little use if people don’t know where to find it.
  • SEO is about more than reaching people who are interested in researching your brand. With the prevalence of connected mobile devices, search engines are increasingly used for real-time decision making. SEO is the best way to make sure that local searchers can find and patronize your business on their terms.
  • SEO is also cost-effective, compared to marketing tactics like pay-per-click advertising. PPC is great for companies with a budget and a plan, but it still requires paying for each click or exposure. SEO delivers the same visibility benefits, without breaking the bank.

Can SEO help you if you already rank fairly well?

Of course, SEO is like any other type of marketing; you cannot afford to become complacent.  Your competitors are working to move head of you at all times.  If you were in their shoes, you’d do the same.  Aside from just staying ahead of your competitors, Google is constantly changing and adjusting their algorithms.  Given this, it’s important to adjust your site based upon the evolving rules.

In the end, SEO is like most other marketing tactics. It’s what you make it. Well-executed SEO ultimately benefits everyone involved. You get more traffic to your website, your customers are more easily able to find the valuable content you provide, and search operators get to direct users to a quality website. It’s a win-win proposition that’s simply too valuable to pass up.

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