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Facebook is a great place to connect with consumers, get more exposure for your brand, and interact with current and potential customers. Success on social media, however, requires more than just creating a Facebook business page. Follow these tips and tricks to get the most from your Facebook business page.

Optimizing Your Page

When people visit your Facebook page, they are trying to learn more about your business, so be sure to make important details easy for people to find.

Tabs. Tabs run across the bottom of your cover photo and are the first place that visitors will go to find your basic information. Make sure your “About” tab is filled out with accurate location and contact information and that none of the spaces are left blank.

Sections. These are the boxes that run down the left side of your business page. Keep them in an order that makes sense for your visitors. If you are running a restaurant or retail store, reviews should be at the very top. If you feature a lot of how-tos or other videos that showcase your products, keep them near the top. Each business is different, so be sure to experiment a little to find what works for you.

Posts. Whenever you post a special offer, coupon, or exclusive deal, make sure you pin that post to the top of your page. (You can do this by clicking the down-arrow at the top right corner of the post.) That way, one of the first things your page visitors will see is something that offers value to them.

Locations. If you are a small business with multiple locations, it may be helpful to have an individual page for each of your locations. That way, you can provide information that is unique to each location, and allow users to check-in and review each of your locations separately. If you have many locations that would make managing individual pages too cumbersome, Facebook offers a Location Structure that allows for one master page and then individual locations that attach to it. To gain access to this feature, you must contact Facebook directly or work with an agency that already has a contact within Facebook.

Engaging Customers

Once you have your page perfected, get people to interact with your content. The more likes, comments, and shares you receive, the more likely it is that Facebook will post your content to your followers’ timelines.

Plus, when someone interacts with your content, their friends are likely to see that interaction so your reach expands exponentially.

1. Visual Content. When Facebook users are scrolling down their timelines, they tend to skip past all the words until something visual catches their attention. Make sure every single post has something visually appealing.

2. Easy on the Sell. A hot coupon or amazing promotion deserves a spot on your Facebook timeline but make sure that most of your content isn’t pushing your products and services. Create or share content that is entertaining and informative to stay useful to your readers.

3. Lead by Example. Take the time to interact with other pages and other people. Like and share their content to spread the love. When you show that you are also an active participant and not just a content-pushing robot, people are more likely to interact with your company.