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Alt energy customers 7 : reach alternative energy customers with the right content : alternative energy

The alternative energy industry is booming because solar power is more affordable than ever before. Alternative energy companies that establish themselves as an industry thought leaders stand to make enormous profits. The logical question that follows is: How do I establish my alternative energy company as an industry thought leader? One of the best places to start is with amazing, helpful content. Before you can create that content, though, you must decide whether you are looking to target a business or homeowner. Your company can always market to both, but you’ll need different strategies and content for each. Once you’ve determined your target demographic, the marketing fun begins.


Before you develop content for your consumer, you need to understand more about what gets him out of bed every morning. Unsurprisingly, homeowners and business owners are motivated by different drivers. These drivers help determine what type of information you should provide them and how that information should be delivered.

Type of Information: People looking to incorporate alternative energy into their business may be concerned about how effective it is. They’ll wonder if their machines will operate as well while still making their corporate social responsibility departments shine. Residential buyers, conversely, will be primarily concerned with the upfront cost of alternative energy and how much money they’ll save in the long-term with solar.

Delivery Method: A corporate buyer has different pain points than a residential buyer, so the tone needs to be specific to the type of consumer. Someone who’s interested in purchasing a solar system for a company is usually not making the decision alone. He will need evidence from experts (like you!) about why this purchase would be a great move for the company. Content should be jam-packed with information and focus on how switching to solar will benefit the bottom line. Homeowners don’t have to worry so much about the bigger picture. Instead, they’re concerned about how solar energy can reduce their utility bills. Tap into a homeowner’s emotions to help influence his purchase.

Content Offers

Keep in mind that content doesn’t stop at what’s hidden behind a form. Your company also provides content through emails and your social media presence. Corporate consumers are looking to get as much information as possible to make a purchase decision. Residential buyers, conversely, are looking to forge a personal relationship with the company.

Corporate Buyers: These consumers want to be educated as much as possible about the topic. When they present the idea of switching to solar in a company meeting, they want to look like rock stars. Help them prepare by filling your content with relevant statistics. For example, how much producing a watt costs using fossil fuels vs solar. They are looking for detailed content, so create a whitepaper instead of a visual ebook.

Residential Buyers: This type of buyer wants his content to be short and sweet. Create content that is both informative, visually appealing, and to the point. These buyers want an ebook or guide that breaks down exactly what they need to know in bite-sized chunks. Remember that homeowners don’t have to convince a whole boardroom of why solar is a good idea, just their families.

Consider the Length of the Buyer’s Journey

Inbound marketing is all about delighting your consumer. The length of your buyer’s journey can help determine what type of content you should produce and how often you should supply it. It’s very rare that businesses make a purchasing decision with just one person. Usually, it involves several people and departments, so their buying cycle longer. Businesses often need more nurturing and attention when making a purchasing decision than homeowners. Homeowners may confide in friends to help decide, but the decision takes less time to make.

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