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Traditionally, the manufacturing industry has relied on tried-and-true marketing techniques such as promotional materials, trade shows, phone calls, and other direct ways of connecting with current and potential customers. While these are still important ways to keep up in a hands-on industry, these conventional marketing tactics are not enough to keep your business growing in today’s marketplace.

Why Do I Need a Website?

While you’re busy with your hands-on events, it’s easy to let your website sit on the sidelines. But that’s a big mistake if you want to reach today’s web-savvy consumers! Your website–and a professional design–is essential to your success.

Most people start the purchase process on the web. Even if you’ve made contact with a prospect in the past, one of the first places they’ll visit when they’re thinking about a purchase is your website–and 75% of their first impression will be design-related.

More than two-thirds of users decide a company’s trustworthiness based in part on their website design, and 48 percent cite it as the number one factor when determining credibility. In other words, you still only have one chance to make a first impression, but now it’s your website that must be ready to do that job.

B2B Website Design to Boost Sales

It’s not enough to simply have a website. You need one that’s ready to impress your customers and packed with the information they need to choose you. In return, you’ll enjoy more conversions and better sales across the board.

Here’s what you need on your website to drive conversions and sales:

  • A Blog. It’s not just a passing phase or for trendy sites. A blog is the perfect place to provide information to your target audience and to build trust.
  • Responsive Design. This is a fancy term for a website design that displays properly on all the devices people use to browse the web including computers, phones, and tablets. You can’t predict what devices your prospects will be using to view your website, so it’s important to have a responsive website.
  • Customer Reviews. These are the new word-of-mouth recommendations, and your website visitors will look for them to see what others think of your company and your products.
  • Product Information. Let your current and potential customers look through your offerings so they can make their comparisons with ease. If customers are unable to compare your products with the competition’s, they’ll move on.

Built to Keep Growing

Your website should be your best salesperson: always ready to make a lasting impression and give prospects the information they need to choose you over the competition. If you need help building a great building materials manufacturing website that converts more visitors into paying customers, we can help. Start with a free website health check to learn how to use your site to get more business.