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Forget having national or global recognition.  For most businesses, the big challenge is having local customers know who they are.  Local listings help put companies on the map (literally and figuratively) every day.

The bad news is that there is no quick way to push your company’s local listing to the top.  The good news is that there are plenty of practical ways to improve your rankings that simply require a little time and effort. Use these techniques to take your listing to the top– and keep it there.

Look Like a Local

Search engines won’t recognize your website as a local business as easily unless you make an effort to clearly establish your location. Avoid using 800 numbers and opt for contact numbers with a local area code. Include a local address on your contact information and incorporate a Google Places map. These details will help both search engines and customers recognize you as a local business and will improve your listings.

Encourage Reviews

Typically, unhappy customers jump at the chance to leave a bad review, but coaxing a positive review out of satisfied customers can take work.  Remember to ask for the review as part of your sales process, and in follow-up contacts as well.  Getting more reviews takes work, but the competitive benefits are well worth it.

While link building is probably the most labor intensive way to improve rankings, having high-quality editorial links is one of the main factors that search engines consider when assigning rankings. Offer to write a guest blog for a reputable site within your market or connect with bloggers who are willing to write a review about your products. This publicity can result in high-quality links that make your website more authoritative. The more links you earn, the more apt search engines are to recognize you as a good resource for their users.

Share Locally Relevant Content

Not only should you mention your location throughout your site’s content, you should also ensure that your content is high quality and interesting to local audiences. Use social media to connect with local influencers and establish your company as a member of the community.  Consider using your city as a hashtag in relevant posts to help your community find you more easily.

Reach out to Local Publications

Whether it’s local magazines or newspapers, it’s a good idea to build relationships with the local press.  They may be interested in publishing your press releases and could possibly write an article featuring your company’s impact upon the community. The more effort you put into connecting with other locals, the more likely you are to have recognition within the community.

Looking to boost your local listings’ performance?  We’d love to help boost your local recognition.  Contact our local listings experts today and tell us how we can help!