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Ecommerce sites are just like every other business. The ultimate goal is to be the best at what they do and make as much profit as possible. In some ways, ecommerce sites are at a disadvantage because of the lack of face-to-face contact. A human element in business transactions is something most consumers crave, and an impersonal feeling is often the number one killer of an ecommerce site. Many ecommerce sites do not make their client communications feel personal, and sometimes they outright ignore their consumers. Bring the human element back to your ecommerce site, and get your business booming, by following these tips.

Don’t focus solely on competitors.

Thanks to globalization and technology, consumers have infinite choices when making a purchase. Unsurprisingly, differentiating their companies from their competitors has become crucial to many ecommerce sites’ strategy. When companies get overly preoccupied with being bigger and better than their competition, they can actually lose sight of their consumers. Often times, companies don’t realize that they’re being indifferent. You may be offering quality products that consumers love, fulfilling their orders in a timely manner, and providing excellent customer service. What else could customers want? Like in any relationship, it’s the little things that matter the most. Have you been sending “thank you” emails after every purchase? Do you respond to social media mentions? It’s time to put down the sword and realize that the best way to annihilate your competition is to show your customers that you care.

Be genuine on social media.

Nowadays, customers are savvy and know the difference between a company that genuinely cares and one that is just going through the motions for “best practices” sake. Did you know that half-hearted engagement on social media can be a bigger turnoff than not engaging with them at all? Customers crave relationships and can see straight through your fancy sales pitches. Take the time to form these relationships so that your customers become evangelists and spread your brand awareness for you. The more social proof your business has, the more sales you’ll be raking in.

Send email reminders about rewards program.

You’ve got loyal customers? That’s fantastic! You’re already one step ahead of the game. The next step in having a great rewards program is interacting with those loyal customers. Don’t let the months tick by expecting a customer to realize they are a mere 20 points away from getting a discount; send them an email reminder about how many points they have. In this email, be sure to genuinely thank them for being a member of this loyalty program. Having a loyalty program isn’t enough to make a customer feel loved, but helping them keep track of their points and showing them your appreciation will.

Send personalized emails.

No, using their first name in the salutation doesn’t count. Make sure to send your customers a thank-you email after an order was placed and include information about the items that they purchased.
Also, whatever you do, don’t flood a person’s inbox with obnoxious, salesy emails. It’s one thing to kindly remind your customers that it’s time to reorder their favorite product; it’s quite another to send them 5 emails in 3 days about your upcoming sale.

Kill ‘em with kindness.

The key to having a killer ecommerce strategy is to create a personal relationship with you customers. Give thanks to the people who continuously choose your website over a competitor’s. Focus on the customers that matter rather than trying to keep up with the Joneses. At the end of the day, your company will enjoy more clout and brand awareness than a business that is busy shouting its message into the wind.