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Content marketing strategy success isn’t as easy as randomly posting blogs related to a company’s industry. It requires a well thought-out content marketing strategy designed to captivate as many members of a target audience as possible. A company’s strategy should also include a plan to convert that same audience into qualified leads. Here are ten ways you can improve your content marketing strategy so that it can achieve those goals:

1. Diversify Content Marketing Strategy Channels

A content marketing strategy should incorporate more than a blog; it should incorporate email marketing, social media, webinars, and more! Remember that content marketing is about creating an online presence that attracts qualified leads from around the web to your site and having them return frequently. A presence on diverse marketing channels will enable you to make a continuous impression on your audience.

2. Constantly Do Keyword Research

You may know plenty of keywords related to your business, but do you know which ones are used most often? Which ones have the least competition? You can only learn this with keyword research, and since keyword popularity is constantly changing, you must remain vigilant by researching continually.

3. Make All Content Unique

Content resonates more with audiences and yields better SEO results when it is different from everything else out there. This applies to all content, including landing pages and product descriptions.

4. Let Customers Create Some Content

Companies should encourage customers to supply content in the form of reviews and comments. Consumers feel a stronger connection to a brand they’ve reviewed, and leads will rely on user-generated content to guide their decision making. This interactivity also helps SEO.

5. Reinforce Content Authority When Delivering Informative Posts

People have learned to be skeptical of what they are told online, and for a good reason. To ensure that your audience perceives your content as credible, remind them of your status as industry leader. For example, blogs should reference your professional experience.

6. Don’t Blabber

People want their digital content to be crisp and concise. If a piece of content uses twenty words to convey something that could have been said in two, people will likely look elsewhere. Stick to short sentences, and break up the text after 2-3 paragraphs. No one likes to read huge blocks of text.

7. Make it Easy to Share Content

Your company’s content reach is expanded exponentially when consumers share it. It is therefore critical that you make sharing content via email and social media easy for your visitors. Add social media share buttons to your blog posts and encourage people to share the content.

8. Always Think Quality First

Posting an endless stream of garbage won’t help a content marketing strategy. In fact, people — and search engines — take note of this, and avoid sites with unhelpful content. A single piece of high-quality content receives more shares, and generate more leads, than 100 pieces of low-quality content.

9. Use Content to Help People See Themselves Using a Product

When content creates a product need by explaining how it can solve a person’s problems, consumers can envision themselves using it and lust after it.

10. Always Analyze Results

Analysis allows marketers to make adjustments based on consumer responses to the content. Analytics allows marketers to determine which calls-to-action (CTAs) generated the most click-throughs; this information can then be used to design better CTAs in the future for improved results.

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