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Do you think that social media for manufacturers is pointless? Considering that 81 percent of Americans have a social media profile, the likelihood of your audience being on social is practically guaranteed. If you’re not there for your audience, your competition will be.

The key is finding your prospects, and then figuring out how to reach them on social media.

Why is Social Media for Manufacturers Necessary?

It might seem obvious, but never forget that you’re selling to people. And people are on social media looking for information, not just pictures of kittens and babies. People also want to make connections with the companies they are choosing to do business with, and social media is the perfect place to start building these relationships.

If your audience can find you easily, they will have the chance to learn about your business and find out what makes you different from your competitors. If you’re not on social, they’ll have no choice but to stick with what the competition is saying.

Where is My Audience?

Not every social network is going to be the right fit for your business. Facebook is probably a good start considering that more than two thirds of adults who use the internet are on Facebook. Buyers may not be researching products on Facebook, but they are reading up on your company culture, job openings, expansions, and other newsworthy topics.

What else is your audience doing online? Are they looking for video tutorials on YouTube? Scanning Pinterest for ideas? Keeping up with other industry professionals on LinkedIn or even Reddit? Twitter is another great place for making connections and positioning yourself as a leader in your industry. Using the right social platforms will help you to meet your prospects where they are.

How Can I Reach Prospects with Social?

Now you’re ready to jump in, but where to start? Here are a few ways to get the conversation going:

  • Social Listening. Spend some time listening to what people are saying and what kinds of topics get the most action. You can also keep tabs on what your competitors are doing so you can stay ahead.
  • Share Your Own Content. Your social media feeds are the perfect place to promote your blog posts and announce promotions and events. Create interesting behind-the-scenes videos or interviews with personnel. Just be sure not to become overly promotional as your audience doesn’t want to be bombarded with your commercials.
  • Reshare Others’ Content. Build trust with your audience while also giving them the information they need by sharing content from others. It might feel counterintuitive at first–to promote someone else’s ideas–but acknowledging and sharing good information is a powerful way to demonstrate your leadership.
  • Encourage Engagement. Be active on your social media accounts and ask your audience to jump in, too. Start a hashtag on Twitter or Instagram and ask users to share photos. Try running a contest or giveaway on Facebook, or answer tough questions posted by users in Reddit and Quora communities.

Get in the Game

When you’re ready to put your social media accounts to work for you, we’re here to help. Contact New Perspective to build a social media strategy that will expand your reach, grow your audience, and generate more leads.

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