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Lead generation for manufacturing companies can be a challenge. Old methods like trade shows and print ads don’t produce the results they once did. Customers are now more educated than ever. One recent estimate claims 90% of B2B buyers start off their buyers journey by doing research online. Even when looking to purchase equipment or manufacturing services, buyers are doing research online.

Your job is to show them that you can provide what they want. Inbound (or content) marketing can help you with that. It allows you to talk in more detail about your manufacturing processes, and the things that set you apart from your competitors.

But where to start?

Lead Generation for Manufacturing Companies

New software can be intimidating. How long will it take to learn? Is it really worth all the time and effort? How much value will it provide? In the case of HubSpot’s marketing software, the answer is quite a lot. Yes, it takes time to learn conversion optimization. But it’s worth it. In this post we’re going to show you eight ways that HubSpot can make lead generation for manufacturing companies a lot simpler.

Let’s start with content creation.

1. Create your content with tested, proven blog post templates.

Hubspot’s software has blog post templates to help you craft exactly the right kind of post to grab your customer’s attention. And once you’ve written it, you can easily promote it through social media.

2. Make your content rank higher in search results with Hubspot’s SEO tools.

SEO is integrated into all Hubspot’s content generation tools so that you’ll always know the right keywords to use. You can track the performance of every keyword, and compare your rankings to competitors’.

3. Promote your content on social media.

Hubspot lets you publish to social media from the same place you build your campaigns. You can automate content publishing, and schedule posts ahead of time. Hubspot will even give you suggestions for the best times to post your content!

Bonus: Hubspot’s software measures the impact of social media on the rest of your marketing / sales efforts so you can know exactly what the ROI is for your social media efforts.

But what to do with the attention social media captures? Send them to a highly targeted landing page!

4. You can create Landing pages yourself – no IT or design department needed!

Hubspot has a library of tested templates proven to get results – ready for you to use. When considering how to increase lead generation for manufacturing companies, it’s important to lean into efficiencies with your marketing tactics. HubSpot templates take the guesswork of what works and what doesn’t so you can get up and running faster.

Hubspot’s software has easy to use templates to capture your visitor’s emails and build your email list. And, as you may have guessed, you can also manage your email marketing from the same program.

5. Email Marketing automation frees up your time.

Turn leads into customers with Hubspot’s powerful email marketing software. You can develop your campaigns within the software using templates modeled after tested, successful campaigns.

Hubspot’s workflow tools allow you to automate every step of the lead generation process, from capture to conversion. That way you can communicate with your prospects in a personalized, targeted way no matter where they are in the sales funnel.

6. CTA’s

Hubspot’s CTA lets you quickly create professional looking CTA’s in seconds for all your blog posts, emails, landing and web pages. The CTA’s can be personalized to each individual visitor for maximum conversion rate optimization.

7. Easy to use forms.

Hubspot’s software has forms for capturing contact information that are easy to use and can be inserted into all your content.

Or you can quickly build custom forms that adapt to your visitors, with the CTA’s most relevant to them.

8. You can track the effectiveness of your marketing, to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Because every step of the inbound process is handled through Hubspot’s software, you’re able to measure the effectiveness of each individual piece. Are your posts good but your social media promotion needs some help? Hubspot’s software can tell you. It removes the guesswork from your marketing so you know what works at every step of the lead generation process.

Hubspot’s marketing software does take some time to learn. But think of that time as an investment. Hubspot is an incredible lead generation for manufacturing tool to have in your arsenal. Not only does it save you time, it also makes sure your marketing is effective at every step of the way.

Looking to get the most out of your Hubspot investment?