When people learn about you, the first thing they usually do is visit your website. This visitor might not know you well, or maybe they’re ready to talk to you about your services. No matter where they are in the buyer’s journey, your website can make or break their decision to choose you. With so much opportunity (and risk) at stake, don’t you want your business’s website to perform as well as it can?

With the traditional website design approach, an agency might spend 6 months and build something beautiful. But that concept is broken. The content might get outdated quickly, if it hasn’t already. Our approach to website development consists of building a Launch Pad site so you’ll get fast results. Even more, you can shape your website into your business’s best representative to give a top-notch experience. We don’t just want to build a website; we want to build a relationship with a client so we can understand them and optimize their content.

Making the Most of Your Time

By launching quickly, you are saving a large upfront cost and at the same time getting your name out there. Then, you can collect data, which will consist of what visitors like and dislike. After that, you can use the data to know what’s working and to keep your content fresh. If one of your e-books is performing poorly, it’s time to reexamine it. Likewise, if one of your landing pages is generating many leads, don’t touch it! Staying involved in your website will ensure your visitor has the best experience possible.

Use the Data

You can make assumptions on what will work, but there is no sure way of predicting it. What works today might not work by the time your website launches in 6 months. For a Launch Pad site, it’s important to make a list of only the essential ideas for your new website. This includes user experience, design elements, functionality on different devices, and sections explaining who you are and what you do. Collecting data will help your website grow into the best it can be. You won’t have to assume anything – you can base your decisions off of data.

Continuous Improvements

Improvements to your website will sprout from data-based decisions. There is always room for researching, testing, and learning about what can make your website better. Using what you learn to understand customer behavior will lead to a successful website. Ongoing continuous improvements will help generate and convert more leads because you are optimizing it towards them.

Your website should not be just a brochure. It should be an engaging experience. Don’t build a website that was current a few months ago. Build one that will stay current. Are you interested in a wellness check for your website? Schedule your free assessment with us today.

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