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Your business has an online presence, social media accounts, landing pages, content syndicated around the net, and an email list. However, your conversion rates are not the greatest and you’d like to know what you can do to get more subscribers into your email list and cultivate better leads. Or maybe your conversion rates are good, but you’d like them to be even better. Whatever the case may be, this article will explain how you can improve your company’s conversions, today.

Call to Action Placement

Your business needs to be making an offer to its online audience.  If your company isn’t directing the audience to become leads and progress down the sales funnel, then no one will – visitors won’t do it themselves. Making sure your company is placing strategic calls to action through its website is critical for optimizing conversions. Here are the places that deserve calls to action.

Articles: Every article should include at least one call to action. Place the call to action either within the article or at the end of the article. Images make powerful calls to action especially if placed at the end of the articles.

Homepage: Place a call to action on your company’s homepage above the fold, so that your visitors don’t need to scroll down to see it. Place an additional call to action somewhere else within the homepage. This one should be different from the initial call to action above the fold, such as a webinar or case study. A final call to action should be placed at the end of your company’s homepage and could include coupons, demos, free consultations, or trials. Above all, make sure that the calls to action are aligned with your buyer personas.

Sales Pages: Every product page or sales page pitching your services should include at least two calls to action. Make sure that the calls to action are consistent and targeted towards the appropriate audience. If the page is long, then repeat the calls to action at regular intervals throughout the page.

All Other Pages: Every one of your company’s web pages should include one or more calls to action that are relevant to the page’s topic, and the audience’s interest. Once again, if a page is long, then don’t be afraid to include the same call to action multiple times.

Landing Pages

Calltoactionhome 7 : how to improve your company’s conversions today : improve company conversions

Landing pages are like automated sales reps that are always working hard to collect leads for your business. Your company’s content marketing strategy should focus on driving prospects to landing pages so that those prospects can be converted into leads. Here are the immediate improvements your company can make to its landing pages.

Benefits over Features: We recently published a blog about landing page optimization, and one of the important first points we touched upon was that of benefits. Benefits are the answer to your audiences’ question, “what’s in it for me?” You have limited space to answer this question, so focus on the benefits rather than the features.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication: Your business should opt for a simple approach when designing its landing pages. Creating complicated landing pages in an attempt to impress visitors will often backfire, resulting in terrible conversion rates. “Trim the fat” off of your business’ landing pages so that it’s simple, concise, and to the point. Your company is giving visitors this for that. Examples include an e-book for an email address – or a webinar for a name and phone number.


Copywriting 7 : how to improve your company’s conversions today : improve company conversions

The quality of your landing page copy directly correlates to the effectiveness of the landing pages to convert visitors into leads. Here are the things your business can do today to improve its landing page copywriting.

Analyze your copy: The problem most businesses run into is how to measure the results of certain words. Does it work better to say “You will get” or “You will receive”? One way your business will be able to analyze these subtle changes is with Universal Analytics by Google. This free tool has a lot of features and one of them includes the ability to set up “events”.

Place event triggers at certain points of your landing page to analyze them thoroughly. Place a trigger when the landing page loads up, a second trigger when the user scrolls down the page and the final trigger when the visitor reaches the bottom of the page.

WIIFM: Finally, your business should analyze its landing page copywriting to see if you answer one very important question…”what’s in it for me?”. Your web visitors are egocentric and want to know what they will get if they decide to become a lead. How will your company make it worth their while? Even free products need to be sold to prospective customers.

Conversion Optimization is one of our specialties here at New Perspective. Our clients regularly experience improved conversion ratios and we’d be delighted to help you do the same. Your first consultation is always free – give us a call at 508-755-6797.