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Keeping your website fresh and up-to-date can often feel like an uphill battle. Every three years or so, organizations dedicate a substantial amount of resources to a complete website overhaul. Traditionally speaking, a complete website redesign is expensive and can take 3-6 months. And it’s not uncommon for redesigns to take more than 12 months. Keep in mind that this redesign is going on in an unpublished fashion. Visitors continue to come into your old website and you can capitalize on those prospects.

Website ROI: There is a better way – Growth-Driven Design.

What if we told you there was a smarter way to approach a website redesign? Well, there is. Growth Driven Design (GDD) is an agile design process. GDD minimizes the risks of traditional website design while maximizing results and ROI. This is accomplished through user research and manageable phases of continuous improvement. GDD is all about providing your business with the most value as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Launching Your Website… Fast

Your website is your 24 hour, 7 days a week salesman and brand advocate. Like any team member, in order to play a valuable role within your company, your website shouldn’t be a static entity. Your site needs consistent and thorough attention that keeps pace with your industry and company size. Rather than spending a massive amount of time and money upfront, spend a moderate amount on a solid strategy. Then design a launchpad website that addresses the agreed upon priority concerns.

A Growth-Driven Strategy

Whether you’re having a new website built or plan to use your existing site as the launchpad, a goal oriented and user-centered strategy is the key toward measurable and long-term success. Once the website is live, we then shift focus toward metric driven, continuous improvements all done over short sprints. These 2 to 4-week sprints will be dictated by your company’s goals for growth and real user-based data.

Post-launch activities often include:

  • Crafting experiments
  • Conducting user research
  • Monitoring progress against goals
  • Planning monthly sprints to improve performance

Your next website redesign project doesn’t have to go like your last redesign. Explore a Growth-Driven website redesign further by scheduling a free consultation.

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