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How often tweet 7 : how often should i tweet? And other social media conundrums : how often should i tweet

When done right, social media is a great way to connect with people and establish relationships that can lead to the holy grail of customers: brand advocates. When used the wrong way, social media might be nothing more than a waste of time and resources.

Social media success boils down to walking that fine line between showing up at the right times and cluttering up the scene.

Here are a few tips for getting social media timing just right.

Before Anything Else: Consistency

The first rule of social media marketing is consistency. People don’t like to be interrupted by someone trying to sell them something. However, if a company consistently provides useful content, readers become more receptive to pitches. One study even discovered that the more frequently a brand posted pitches, the more positive feedback they received. Companies also need to maintain a consistent voice and tone. This is important because it helps strengthen the brand’s image and gives interactions an authenticity that is essential for making real connections.

How Often to Post

Like all other areas of marketing, the number of posts depends on the company, the target market, and the message. The formula for finding the right number of posts is to start with an educated guess, measure the results, and adjust until the results are positive. It helps to have a baseline; here are some thoughtful starting points:

  • Facebook. Start with two posts per day. You never want to outnumber the pictures of kitties and posts from people at the gym talking about “leg day.”
  • Twitter. At least three tweets per day. Twitter is fairly forgiving when it comes to overdoing it; it is a safe place to experiment with timing and frequency.
  • Google+. Three times per day should be a good place to start seeing interaction. Less is more here, so if three is not working, try scaling down first instead of up.
  • Pinterest. Go for the gold here; users don’t mind scrolling through a bunch of pins — as long as they are relevant. Five a day is great, if there is enough to go around.
  • LinkedIn. About once per weekday is perfect for most companies.

How Much is Too Much?

If businesses find themselves posting anything they can scramble up just to make the daily quota, it is time to rethink the method. Social media posts have to be of value to the readers; anything less can cause people to tune out or to unfollow altogether. Striking the balance between utility and consistency usually comes down to the resources a company can dedicate to the effort.

If there are enough resources to produce unique, interesting posts for multiple outlets several times per day, then a company can expect good results. On the other hand, if the resources are not available, then it is better to focus on one or two platforms. Achieving success on one or two outlets is always better than spreading too thin and ending up with an unhelpful presence everywhere.


If you’ve analyzed your company’s social media marketing, and feel that there’s still room for improvement, not to worry!  We would be happy to review your social media strategy and help you get a better return on your time investment.