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‘Tis the season for holiday email marketing! As the end of the year approaches, you want to include holiday greetings and special offers with your email audience. On the other hand, take a look at your own inbox. Are you getting lots of holiday emails?

How can you get people to open your holiday messages when they’re receiving hundreds of others?

Start at the Beginning

It all starts with a subject line. Those precious few words tell your readers what’s inside the message so they can decide whether to open or not. In fact, a third of recipients will open an email based only on the subject line.

Craft a strong subject line by:

  • Getting Personal. Personalized subject lines get 26 percent more opens. Use your prospect’s name. Take it up a notch by segmenting current customers from prospects and send messaging that’s relevant to their stage in the buyer’s journey. Consider other factors, like which holidays they’re celebrating and what they’re looking for during the holidays.
  • Being Informative. Tell the reader what they’re going to find inside. From promotional pricing to free shipping opportunities, when people see they’ve received an offer curiosity will get them clicking. Use powerful words like “deal,” “promotion,” “savings,” and “free shipping” to create excitement.
  • Creating Urgency. Use language that makes people want to take action right away. Subjects that create a bit of urgency can get 22 percent more opens! Consider using language like “limited time,” “one day only,” “last minute,” and “exclusive offer.”

Creative Content Matters

Deals and offers are a great way to get attention, but offering your prospects something new can keep them interested. Here are a few content ideas to consider for your holiday email marketing:

  • Videos. Add a bit of personality to your messaging with video. Let people get to know you by recording a special holiday thanks. Or showcase your team’s hard work and offer a look at how you’re preparing for the season.
  • Holiday Gift Guide. Some people map out their gifts weeks before the holiday season. Then there’s the rest of us. Holiday gift guides offer a way to give your prospects a bit of help making their lists while also promoting your products.
  • Last Minute Deals. The giving spirit lasts all season long–and often for a while after. Last minute deals help shoppers cross people off their lists or find those finishing touches for holiday decorations. They also create a bit of excitement for any deal-hunter. Don’t forget about post-holiday offers, too! From clearance sales to a sneak peek into next year’s deals, keep the momentum going.

Be Merry!

Remember, the holidays are a joyful time for everyone, no matter which events are celebrated. Keep your messaging fun and festive and your audience will join in. Holiday email marketing is the best way to support all your campaigns while keeping holiday sales in the green.

The holidays are approaching fast. If you need help making sure your holiday emails get attention, we can help!