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Want to get your blog read? Content is the most important thing on your site. The freshness, amount, and quality of content determines your search rankings and the amount of traffic that you’re going to draw. Content determines whether or not viewers become users.

Blogging is one of the best ways to grow your content quickly, but there’s a catch; it has to be good. Develop a voice for your brand and stick with it. Ideally, it would be conversational, entertaining, and flow nicely. Make your readers like you, and they’ll listen to you. Bore your readers, and they’ll find one of the other 200 articles titled “The Importance of Canonical URLs” (or whatever is relevant to your brand).

Get your blog read

Develop Your Voice

It is very important that your business develops its own voice when producing digital content such as blog posts. With the advent of social media and internet marketing, large corporations are able to humanize their brands and relate to their customers in ways that were previously not possible. Fortunately, the trend is still catching on, so your business can benefit from becoming more social with its customers.

Hoe to Get Your Blog Read


If your consumers are kind of quirky, develop a quirky presence.  If they’re serious, be serious.  Let your vision and humanity emanate from your presence.  Ooze the essence of you.Your customers want to see that your company is made up of humans, and not robots or faceless entities. Relate to your customers, use anecdotal stories, and engage with your customers. This will make your content enjoyable to consume, improve your conversion rates to build more leads, and increase the strength of your brand.

If your consumers are kind of quirky, develop a quirky presence.

Quality Content Rules Supreme

You might have heard that content is king when it comes to internet marketing, and while that’s true, quality engaging content always beats a large quantity of [terrible] content. This is where a fully developed voice that speaks to your consumers comes in handy: it will keep your audience attentive and engaged with your content. Why is this important? Consumers that desert your site before fully digesting your offer are never going to buy anything. You need their attention.

Long term, brand-loyal consumers are built through trial.  Show them that your brand is worth their time, and they’ll give you a chance to win their loyalty.  If they never read and absorb what you’re saying, you’ll never have a chance with them.

But how exactly can you make sure your content is of the highest quality? It’s important to produce articles and content that is focused on one of your specific buyer personas. Based upon which persona you are addressing, you can tailor the content to suit the specific needs of that persona. It’s all about the user experience: the more that your reader feels connected to you, the better experience they will have. Provide valuable information and dazzle your prospective customers with a commitment to quality. This will undoubtedly result in increased conversions and more sales for your business.

When it comes to generating quality content, there’s one other rule of thumb you need to follow:

Get your blog read!


Don’t do exactly what your competitors are doing.  There may be more people that search for articles about the importance of canonicals, but the ones who search for something more specific to what you specialize in are going to be easier to convert.  (Of course, incredibly general interest articles are important, too, but they’re not going to make you stand out.)

Don’t Forget Traffic Generation

Okay, so you have developed your unique voice and you’re committed to providing quality content for your current and prospective customers, but how exactly can you make sure other people are seeing your blog’s content?It doesn’t matter how good it is, after all, if nobody ever sees it.

You will want to attract new customers through your content marketing efforts with your blog and so you should consider utilizing these tools to aid you in getting more eyeballs on your blog. Once you post a new article on your company’s blog, email your current subscribers if you have an existing email list. This will likely result in an immediate surge of traffic. Post blurbs and previews of the article on your company’s social media profiles. Consider running a Facebook Ad if you’re utilizing paid advertising in your marketing strategy. Finally, make sure you’re optimizing your article for the search engines so that your prospective customers will find your article naturally through Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Our Perspective

At New Perspective, we regularly produce content for our clients that deliver impressive results.  Our experience is extensive and our commitment to quality is unmatched.Give us a call at 508-755-6797and let us help you develop a content marketing strategy, so that you may connect with your audience and improve your internet marketing ROI.