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Sometimes content marketing for manufacturers can be intimidating. Is your content marketing limited by your budget? Do you have trouble determining if your content marketing efforts are successful? Do you struggle to create engaging content? If so, then this post is for you! We’re going to talk about three common challenges manufacturing marketers face and share some ideas for how to overcome them.

But why should you want to overcome them? Maybe content marketing just isn’t the right choice for you. True, you could give up on your content marketing right now and save yourself the trouble. But that would be a mistake. Why? 82% of manufacturing marketers are using content marketing. Do you want to be one of the 18% left out? Are you willing to give all your potential leads to the competition without a fight? More than that, are you willing to miss out on everything that content marketing has to offer, such as:

  • Better ROI than traditional / print marketing channels
  • Better qualified leads for your sales team
  • Increased website conversions
  • Measurable, actionable data

Of course not! So how can we get your content marketing strategy working the way you need it to? Let’s address some areas of concern.

Content Marketing for Manufacturers on a Small Budget

Producing engaging content takes time and money. If you hire a freelancer to create your content, it’s going to eat into your budget. If you handle it yourself or give it to another staff person it eats into your time. Yet successful content marketing depends on quality content.
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What can you do to improve?

  • Leverage your existing content. You don’t need to create new content every time you want to post on social media or launch a campaign. It’s far better to have a small selection of quality content rather than a huge portfolio of bland ‘heard it all before’ garbage.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity. Focus on creating quality pieces that you can reuse and expand on later. Informative well-written content can be distributed through your marketing channels over and over again. But this only works if you focus on quality of content instead of quantity.
  • Target your efforts. How do you know what content your audience wants? You have to know your audience. Before pushing out new content, take some time and develop a clearer idea of who your ideal prospect is. Once you know who they are, you’re in a much better position to create the kind of quality content they’re looking for.

You can do a lot with a limited budget if you focus on marketing smarter, rather than simply marketing more. A critical part of marketing smarter is measuring your results. But measurement can be a challenge.
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Measuring Content Marketing Success

What does content marketing success look like? How do you know what data matters, and what doesn’t? Traditional marketing often struggles to measure its effectiveness. With channels like radio, print, and T.V. advertising it can be hard to know what’s working and what isn’t. There’s little real data to measure.

Content marketers have the opposite problem. There’s too much data! What do you pay attention to? Clicks? Conversions? Likes? Shares? To answer this you need to know your content marketing objective. Are you looking to build a social media audience? Then likes and shares are important. Are you looking to bring qualified leads into your sales funnel? Then clicks and conversions are what you should be paying attention to.

Simple ways to create engaging content

We’ve all been hit with writer’s block. Content creation is no different. But there are some simple ways we’ve found to reliably create new content.

  • Expand on existing content. Take a look at your blog posts and other content. Are there parts that could be expanded on into new posts? Can you provide updates to old posts?
  • Answer a question. Listen to your customers. What are they asking? If they keep asking the same question, it’s probably something worth writing about. The questions your customers ask tell you the things they’re most interested in. Those are the things you should be writing about.
  • Set yourself apart. What makes you different from the competition? Put your unique properties on display with blog posts.
  • Tell your story. Create some content that takes your prospects ‘behind the scenes’. Why just tell them what you do when you can show them instead? Take them on a tour of your manufacturing process.

And of course, if you’re having trouble making content marketing work for you, give us a call. We can help with that!

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