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We all know that smartphones have fundamentally changed the way people communicate. From Tinder to Intercom, the ways people communicate via mobile are ever expanding. Communication between consumers and businesses is also fundamentally different thanks to smartphones. Search genius and behemoth Google has adapted its search engine advertising to accommodate for consumers’ increased reliance on mobile searches to locate and contact businesses.

70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results. – Google Research


When Should You Use Call-Only Adwords Campaigns?


When Booking Appointments is Critical to Sales

Many service-based businesses get the majority of their conversions from phone calls. While the inclusion of well-designed forms has lessened the need for calls across many sectors, many customers still opt to call to avoid the uncertainty of scheduling an appointment online or via email. If your company needs to coordinate schedules with potential clients to convert leads into sales, Call-Only Adwords are for you! Since Call-Only Adwords are designed specifically to appear on mobile devices that can place phone calls, each click prompts a phone call to your business.

If Your Business Needs Qualifying Information

If your company seeks a lot of qualifying information about potential clients in order to close a sale, Call-Only Adwords can be a godsend for you. While a potential customer could be averse to a lengthy form series with many required fields, they may be happy to provide the information needed via a phone call. For example, let’s say you’re a travel agency specializing in a particular destination. A potential client would likely be much more interested in speaking with a travel specialist on the phone and discussing budget, potential dates of travel, and the different hotels they are considering than to submit all of that information in a form. Also, since it may take time to compose a quote for your client, setting that expectation during the phone call may imbue your potential client with more patience than a simple Thank You page would provide.

When Call-Only Campaigns are Wrong for Your Business


Directing Leads to an Ecommerce Site

If you have a direct ecommerce site, Call-Only Adwords campaigns may not be the best choice for your company. If your website has the capability of completing a sale on its own, adding a form of advertisement that would cause your overhead (ie. administrative costs) to increase would not make sense for you. Instead, opt for a regular Google Adwords campaign in which clicks result in your customer perusing your products and perhaps even making an impulse purchase in addition to what they were originally shopping for.

Complex Call-Tracking Setups May Interfere

There are also major drawbacks to Call-Only Adwords Campaigns if your business uses a complex call-tracking setup. Your call tracking system may not work with these types of ads, making it difficult to track your leads with the effectiveness you previously enjoyed. Furthermore, matching ads with the correct phone numbers (for phone number verification purposes) can also be difficult. If you use call-tracking, consult with an Adwords-certified professional before setting up a Call-Only Campaign.

Wondering if Call-Only Adwords Campaigns are right for your particular business? The New Perspective team includes PPC and digital advertising consultants who are experts in their field. Reach out to us today; we’d love to help you manage your digital marketing and advertising!