The Challenge

Our Solution

Prior to engaging New Perspective, Access TCA struggled to recreate the same great brand experience they portrayed offline.


  • High bounce rate for mobile visitors
  • New visitor traffic well below target
  • Weak domain authority in a competitive environment
  • Multiple disconnected sales and marketing platforms
  • Limited middle & bottom of funnel conversion points

Our Solution

Access TCA recognized the need for a strong digital marketing partner. They wanted to find an agency to help them boost their reputation as a thought leader in the event marketing space. To help Access TCA, we:


  • Redesign the website: fully responsive
  • Increase blogging quality & frequency
  • Deploy technical SEO gameplan
  • Centralize sales and marketing through HubSpot
  • Create persona focused offers and strategically add CTA's

Seeing is Believing

38.75% increase

Overall Site Traffic (Year-over-Year)

483% increase

Leads Generated (Year-over-Year)

149% above target

2016 Revenue Goal

37.8% decrease

 sitewide reduction for visitor bounce rate 

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