Get the most from your opt-in email list

With the explosion in social media marketing, you might think email has lost its edge. Not so. Worldwide there are more than 3.3 billion email accounts, vs. 2.7 billion social media accounts—and email remains a preferred vehicle for marketing messages: recent studies by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) indicate that consumers prefer marketing messages by email over social media (77% vs. 4%). Savvy businesses use both and rely on email as one of their most powerful and cost-effective marketing techniques.

New Perspective designs and develops email marketing campaigns that build and maintain positive, interactive customer relationships. From opt-in corporate newsletters to after-sales follow-ups, value-added resources to targeted cold calls, we place your message where it needs to be – in front of people who are interested in hearing it.

Consumers prefer marketing messages by email over social media 77% vs. 4%


E-Mail Logos Update

New Perspective partners with the leading email management programs, streamlining the process and providing you with detailed data on customer acceptance and take-up rates so you can see what works. And we always incorporate a signup form into your website and encourage recipients to share content across their social networks.

Email marketing isn’t rocket science, but a science nonetheless. New Perspective is at the forefront of the field. Email us, call New Perspective today at 508-755-6797, or fill in our form to request a free consultation.