Jared Harris
November, 12, 2014

Mobile Checkout Done Right

In today’s increasingly mobile economy, a website’s mobile checkout can make or break a sale. With over 35% of shoppers making purchases using a mobile device, businesses cannot afford to ignore the mobile market. Customers want a mobile shopping experience that is fast, simple, and safe. Mobile conversion optimization is necessary because desktop and mobile experiences are vastly different.


How does mobile differ from desktop?

Although you most likely already have an excellent website for your business, mobile conversion optimization is still necessary. Desktop websites often contain a large amount of content. This can frustrate users on a mobile device, as they have smaller screens. It can also be difficult to navigate a desktop site on a mobile device because users are usually using their finger to select choices and links as well as typing on small on-screen keyboards.

These differences become even more evident when your customers are trying to make purchases on your mobile site. When your customers need to enter their shipping and payment information, the last thing you want is for them to get frustrated. This can lead to lost sales and creates a negative association in the customer’s mind.


What makes a good mobile checkout?

Simple layouts – Keep frustration to a minimum and eliminate accidental cancelations by creating a simple, easy to follow layout. It is important to create a logical step-by-step process, and make it simple for customers to make changes. If your customers have to spend a bunch of extra time going back and trying to make adjustments or add items to their shopping cart, they are likely to give up and shop with your competitor.

Minimal content – This is not the time to fit as much as you can on the screen. The less on the screen, the easier you make it for your customer to complete their purchase. Keeps ads and unnecessary text and graphics to a minimum so as not to distract or confuse your customers. You wouldn’t have a salesperson approach customers while they are checking out at your physical store, just like you shouldn’t try to distract them while they are checking out on a mobile device.

Fewer fields to fill out – Typing and entering information on a mobile device can be tedious and time consuming. Whenever you can, let your users type as little as possible. Many times, your checkout screens can be designed to allow your users to make selections from predetermined options instead of forcing them to type. For example, it is possible to use the user entered zip code to populate the appropriate city and state or allow the user to choose their credit card expiration date from a drop down box. The more steps you can consolidate or make easier for your customers, the more likely they are to continue using your mobile checkout instead of your competitor’s.

Adapt your website design to your users' needs.


How can mobile conversion optimization benefit your website?

The most important way mobile conversion optimization will benefit your website is that it will make it easier for your customers to make purchases on their mobile devices. With the ever increasing amount of shoppers using mobile devices to make purchases, this is essential. As a company, you want to do everything in your power to make the shopping experience easy and pleasant.

Another way mobile conversation optimization benefits your website is that it will keep your customers on your site longer. If your mobile site is not simple and easy to use, customers will simply go elsewhere. Imagine your website is a physical store. If customers can’t figure out how to select merchandise and pay for it, they will probably just leave. By ensuring that your customers experience on your mobile site is pleasurable, they are more likely to stick around. If your site is difficult to navigate or doesn’t work correctly on their tablet or mobile phone, they will not spend much time on your site no matter how much they like your merchandise.

Mobile conversion optimization also helps you build your brand image as a company that knows what its customers want. When your mobile site is not optimized for smart devices like tablets and mobile phones, you disappoint your customers. Better to impress them with how well your company is on top of new trends. This can even help you gain some customers from your competition.

You spend countless dollars and man-hours perfecting your company’s image. Don’t let a little thing like a difficult to navigate mobile site ruin all of your efforts. Mobile conversion optimization is the only way to be sure that you are providing a pleasurable shopping experience for your customers. Give us a call at (508) 755-6797. We’d love to talk about it with you.

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